TCS HR Interview

TCS HR Interview Experience

TCS HR Interview Experience:

TCS HR Interview Questions which one of our comunity member has gone through the interview and shared the experiance with us.

Me: Good morning madam
Interviewer: good morning . How are you

Me: good madam
Interviewer: How can you rate yourself in TR

Me: 4 out of 5
Interviewer: good

Interviewer: can I know about yourself
Me: I said myself
(Last I said, my hobbies are reading books and listening to music)

Interviewer: what kind of songs would you like to listen
Me: It depends on the mood

Interviewer: if you are in a good mood, what kind of songs do you listen
Me: I said romantic songs

Interviewer: in which language you used to listen to songs, Hindi or English
Me: I said I would like to hear songs in my native language Telugu

Interviewer: Okay, who are your favourite singers
Me: I said Shreya Ghoshal and Anurag Kulkarni

Interviewer: what are the Books you have read
Me: I said one book name

Interviewer: Okay, explain the summary
Me: I explained it

Interviewer: what do you know about TCS
Me:( I gathered some information From Google, so I said that)

Interviewer: Why TCS
Me: The trust which all Indians have towards TCS

Interviewer: Describe yourself in a single word
Me: I said discipline

Interviewer: where you have used your quality
Me: I said one of my college events how I control the students and how I make them be discipline

Interviewer: Do you know the service agreement
Me: yes

Interviewer: Are you ready
Me: yes

Interviewer: do you have any questions
Me: I said I think I understood well about TCS, so I don’t have questions

Interviewer: Okay, bye
Me: Bye, Mam

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